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Handmade luxurious leather shoes

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RDBShoes is a Worldwide luxury hand-made shoe brand.  Our shoes are manufactured, by hand, with some of the same manufacturers as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other high-end designers.

Each shoe is designed and built around a luxury high end car and each shoe incorporates a piece of custom carbon fiber for the “after market” effect.

Designed in L.A. and produced in Spain, the RDB Shoes collection includes ergonomic runners, Italian full grain leather high tops, calf skin slides, and suede loafers. With names inspired by L.A. sights, each pair’s exterior and interior incorporates Tchalikian’s penchant for luxe finishes, like high-tech carbon fiber and artisanal Italian tanned leather. Black and white colorways with a hint of blue or red add to the sharp aesthetic.

Vik Tchalikian is known globally for being THE “After Market Car Guru” to the stars.  Some of his clients include Lebron James, Khalid, Marshmello, Jake Paul, Chris Brown, Sylvester Stallone, Kardashians and many others.


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